A Ride for Mom

Young woman with older woman in wheelchair My mother was a real outdoors person. She had been born and raised a farm girl and always loved it, so after my dad retired, they bought 120 acres and moved out there.

Mom would take out a golf cart to go riding around their land, exploring the entire area. When her family was down, we’d play hide and go seek with golf carts. Mom would call out and the grandkids would ride through the woods trying to find her.

When she was indoors, she was always cooking or baking. She never sat still.

Then she was diagnosed with dementia. In 2006, it became clear that she would need 24-hour care, which we couldn’t provide. So, we moved her into a nursing center.

Her time there was good. The food was okay, and the room was great! Being unable to walk slowed her down, but in her wheelchair, we would stroll the gardens and make her way down the hallways.

However, getting her to her regular doctor appointments were a challenge. We needed a good transportation service to move her, and in 2006, there were few options. I looked online, in the phone book, and asked for references.

Finally, we found a company. They were usually on time for the pick-ups, but they weren’t as punctual on the return trips. There were long waits, and the older vans were noisy and not well-maintained. The AC units did not cool well, which made the ride even more uncomfortable.

After that experience, we wondered what it would take to have a reliable transit company that was on time for both trips. A company with comfortable, well-maintained vehicles that didn’t rattle and that kept the whole van cool during the Oklahoma summers, that provided entertainment for their guests on the trip. A company with a dispatch in the same state as the drivers, with state-of-the-art dispatch software.

And thus, the idea for Deano’s Senior Transit was born.

It hasn’t been easy getting it off the ground. But now, we’re here to give your senior family members the transit experience we’d hoped for back in 2006.

We hope you enjoy it.

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