Handicapped Transportation Challenges

Wheelchair ramp on van

Deano’s MV-1 with wheelchair ramp extended

Transportation is an essential reality required to accomplish everyone’s day to day activities. Every day, people in Tulsa have to move from point A to point B in order to fulfill daily errands.

People with disabilities have to accomplish these same errands but experience much more difficulty do to transportation barriers. Many of these obstacles are present in public transport where the individuals with special needs face barriers preventing them from boarding and disembarking public vehicles. Most often due to buildings obstacles, lack of accessibility, or lack of individuals assistance.

Many times disabled individuals cannot get medical attention on time if something goes wrong. Especially at times when there is nobody around the house to look after them or they are in severe pain. Depending on the individual’s handicap it can be very difficult for them to rush to the hospital as other individuals would do.

Others points of frustration in regard to handicapped transportation comes from attempting to do the seemingly smaller tasks. Like going to visit a friend, a relative, or even attending class. Unless there is someone available to assist those with disabilities who are unable to walk for long distance or drive, they often have to skip the trip.

The rate of unemployment among the disabled individuals is high. Those who are lucky to have something to help them in earning a living are low-income earners. Transportation problems for the handicapped are impacted even further by lack of income.

The disabled children have issues traveling to and from school. If the child is not lucky enough to study from an institution that owns vehicles that have specialized equipment and design for the child’s comfort, they may have a hard time getting to their destination.

Handicapped transportation requires improvement so that the disabled feel appreciated and not discriminated against. These people go through many struggles. Drivers were reported to be the least helpful individuals, and most of them do not offer a helping hand to the disabled as they board the bus. It would also be great if buildings near the bus terminals were minimized to allow these individuals to reach the bus with ease.

Deano’s Fleet of MV-1 where hand picked to address each and everyone of these issues. We agree that transportation for individuals with disabilities can be very frustrating and we are proud to announce that we are here to help dissolve this burden.

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