Senior Transportation Improves Quality of Life

Senior Transportation Improves Quality of Life Dealing with a disability in old age can be incredibly difficult from both an individual standpoint and that of loved ones. Tasks that were once effortless often become a struggle due to disability or cognitive decline, making it harder to do basic things like attend a scheduled doctors appointment or get groceries. Senior transportation, like Deano’s Senior Transit, help fill this important need and improve the quality of life for many seniors and disabled individuals in the Tulsa area and beyond.

Unlike existing public transportation options, such as a city bus or taxi, senior transportation services provide a direct route to your requested destination in a comfortable vehicle designed specifically to meet the needs of the elderly or disabled communities. To achieve this, Deano’s Senior Transit utilizes the MV-1, the first vehicle designed from the ground up with wheelchair accessibility in mind. Our commitment to using these vehicles exclusively lies in our devotion to providing the best transportation services possible for seniors and the disabled while providing amenities to improve both short and long distance travels.

Regaining the ability to travel from point-a to point-b not only rebuilds the self-esteem of this population segment, it helps seniors and the disabled improve their quality of life. With transportation services that accommodate their specific needs, these individuals have the ability to continue doing the activities they love and spending time with family members or friends, making this service invaluable to those who need it most. Ensuring safe and comfortable transportation is our primary concern and it has made us one of the top senior transport services available.

If you are ready to experience the difference or want to assist your loved one in regaining their ability to travel, we encourage you to request a ride with Deano’s Senior Transit.

Why Choose Deano’s Senior Transit?

Deano’s Senior Transit is committed to providing affordable, safe and comfortable transportation for seniors. With free Wi-Fi and 12-inch screen displays, you are guaranteed an enjoyable ride no matter what the distance is. If you are in need of senior transit services, give us a call at (918) 973-3321 or contact us today!

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