10 Reasons You Should Use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

While many seniors may have enjoyed their independence and been able to drive themselves to appointments, it may be difficult for them to admit that they need assistance. As you get older, you will begin losing your senses and find that your reaction time may slow, placing you in a dangerous situation if you are behind the wheel. If you are concerned about your safety, here are 10 reasons you should use non-emergency medical transportation to remain mobile.

1. You Have Frequent Near-Accidents

The act of driving requires you to multitask by concentrating on the road and your surroundings while also successfully maintaining the vehicle. With age, you may begin to lose your ability to see or hear effectively enough to continue to operate a motor vehicle. If you are experiencing frequent near-accidents while in your car, non-emergency medical transportation may be the best option.

2. Getting Lost In Familiar Areas

While most trips for seniors will likely be a short journey, they can sometimes get lost even in the most familiar areas. While this may just be a common lapse of memory, it could signal more serious problems like the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Non-emergency medical transportation can help ensure you don’t get lost and make it to your destination safely and on time.

3. Confusing Car Pedals

Confusing the brake and accelerator pedals in a car may seem like a force of habit; however, some seniors may bouts of confusion that cause them to inadvertently press the wrong pedal. Not only can this lead to an unfortunate accident, but it can also endanger pedestrians or other drivers on the road. Instead of taking the risk of an accident, instead, choose non-emergency medical transportation.

4. Unexplained Vehicle Damage

Finding unexplained damage on your vehicle is often a troubling sign. In many instances, you won’t remember how the damage got there and, even worse, you don’t know if you damaged another vehicle in the process. Because senior’s senses may dull with age, they may not know when they strike another object in their car. If you have unexplained vehicle damage, you may be putting yourself at risk every time you drive.

5. You Have Trouble Reading Road Signs

If you are unable to make out road signs, you will likely have difficulty obeying them. Decreased vision not only makes it harder for seniors to see road signs, it makes it harder for them to actively watch for other drivers or potential problems. When you use non-emergency medical transportation, all you have to do is sit back and safely enjoy the ride.

6. You Get Honked At

Road rage has become a serious problem in recent years and, unfortunately, seniors are typically at the center of the criticism. Because seniors may have difficulty following the rules of the road due to age, they become easy targets. Instead of facing the wrath of a disturbed driver, seek non-emergency medical transportation.

7. Merging Becomes Difficult

Most seniors are cautious drivers because they know they have to pay more attention when driving. This, in turn, can make it difficult for them to merge onto busy roads that have heavy traffic. Safety should be your number one priority at all times and non-emergency medical transportation can help make the most of your trips.

8. You Become Easily Distracted

Staying mentally focused is extremely important any time you sit behind the wheel. The focus will generally decline with age and contribute to the inability to successfully operate a motor vehicle. If you have trouble staying focused on the road and other drivers, it may be time to seek alternative transportation sources.

9. Increased Police Reprimand

One of the easiest ways for a senior to determine if they are ready to hang up their keys is if they begin receiving more citations or warnings from police officers. This can often signify you have trouble driving even if you don’t realize it. Instead of paying steep fines, seek out non-emergency medical transportation.

10. You Have Trouble Multitasking

Watching all of the mirrors in your car can be a difficult process; however, it becomes even harder with age. The ability to multitask is crucial if you want to be an accident-free driver although seniors tend to have difficulty with this as time passes. If you are finding this challenging a non-emergency medical transportation provider can help.


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