What are the Types of Medical Transportation?

Whether you are looking for emergency medical transportation or just need a reliable ride to your pre-scheduled medical appointments, finding the right option for your own needs is critical for ensuring the best experience possible. Depending on your mobility needs and budget, there are a variety of medical transportation types that you may consider using. In this article, we will explore some of the top options and benefits that that type of medical transportation provides for the rider.

Ambulatory Transportation

In the event of an emergency that requires immediate medical attention, calling an ambulance will always be the best option. While expensive, this ensures that you are receiving the appropriate care if a true emergency is occurring. Common situations that required ambulatory transportation may include extreme medical situations that could result in death or the loss of a limb. If you can’t move or need immediate medical attention from a professional, don’t hesitate to call 911 for an ambulance.

Wheelchair Transportation

The needs of a person in a wheelchair will be vastly different than someone who is able to walk on their own. For this reason, browsing the types of medical transportation for options that are wheelchair accessible is critical for both safety and comfort. One stipulation to keep in mind is that this type of medical transportation may not require immediate assistance or emergency care. By using MV-1 vehicles, Deano’s Senior Transit is fully equipped to provide non-emergency wheelchair transportation services whenever they may be needed.

Long Distance NEMT

Depending on the company that you book with, the requirements for Long Distance NEMT can vary widely. However, if you need transportation over state lines or in excess of 50 miles, NEMT may be required to get you to where you need to be. This type of medical transportation may be necessary for individuals with mobility problems that need to see a specialist in a different area and are unable to take traditional transportation options. If you don’t need to travel a far distance, other non-emergency medical transportation services, like Deano’s Senior Transit, could be a better fit.

Life Flight

As a critical care medical transportation type, Life Flight is the fastest option available because helicopters are often used. Reserved for life-threatening injuries that require immediate attention, this transportation type is not available for everyone. Like an ambulance, Life Flight uses nationally registered paramedics on board to provide stabilizing or interim care on the trip to a hospital. While not available in all areas, Tulsa Life Flight is one of the nation’s most used and safest air medical transport options.


Why Choose Deano’s Senior Transit?

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