What to Consider When Arranging Transport from a Nursing Home

Before choosing a non-emergency medical transportation provider for a loved one, it is important to determine what options are available to you to find the best fit possible. Finding a reliable service to assist in making it to medical appointments on time is critical, especially in old age when medical care can help determine overall health. If you are arranging transport from a nursing home, here are some of the considerations you should keep in mind while looking for a provider. 

Does the Service Specialize in Wheelchair-Accessible Transportation? 

Many seniors move into a nursing home because they have some sort of mobility issue. For this reason, it is important to find a transport provider that is wheelchair-accessible and has specific safety protocols in place when transporting passengers that require mobility assistance. Deano’s Senior Transit utilizes MV-1 vehicles that were designed with wheelchair-accessibility in mind to provide an optimal, safe, and comfortable experience at all times. 

Does the Service Require Driver Sensitivity Training? 

Unfortunately, there are many negative stereotypes associated with seniors, and providing for them may require patience. To accommodate seniors that need transport from a nursing home to medical appointments or family gatherings. A service that regularly invests in senior sensitivity training can help ensure the clients are always treated with compassion and care. Deano’s Senior Transit requires all drivers to undergo senior interaction and sensitivity training to provide the best experience possible. 

How Much Does Transport from a Nursing Home Cost? 

Many seniors rely on their retirement money or SSI to fund their transportation costs; however, some transportation options can quickly become expensive depending on the frequency rides are required. As you might imagine, the cost of transportation services can vary widely depending on the partner that is chosen to provide the service. For our current pricing, please visit our services page. We know how critical transportation is for many seniors and try to make it as affordable as possible. 

How Far in Advance Should Reservations Be Made? 

Many transportation service options require advanced notice to provide a ride to seniors. While last-minute reservations are sometimes available, depending on how many other rides are currently scheduled, it is advised to book out as far in advance as possible to ensure you have secured a ride with your chosen provider. Don’t wait until it is too late to secure reliable transportation to your appointments.  


Why Choose Deano’s Senior Transit? 

Deano’s Senior Transit is committed to providing affordable, safe, and comfortable transportation for seniors. With free Wi-Fi and 12-inch screen displays, you are guaranteed an enjoyable ride no matter what the distance is. If you need senior transit services, give us a call at (918) 973-3321 or contact us today!

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