Will Nursing Homes Provide Transportation for My Loved One?

Deciding to move your loved one into a nursing home is often hard and not every need they have maybe met once they settle in. Perhaps the most common concern that families have for their loved ones is whether they will have access to transportation through nursing homes to ensure they make it to doctor’s appointments. After all, this is an important part of ensuring their loved one has the medical care they need to remain healthy. But, contrary to popular belief, this is often a service that is not provided at most nursing homes or assisted living centers. 

Although some nursing homes provide transportation services to special day trips, this is often a rare amenity and residents, or their families, are often required to seek senior transportation providers for medical appointments or family gatherings on their own. Unfortunately, this can cause a strain for individuals that are looking for a reliable and safe way to get their loved one where they need to be since most nursing home residents are unable to drive themselves. Deano’s Senior Transit was developed to meet this need and provide affordable nursing home transportation to Tulsa and the surrounding areas. 

What’s Included in Nursing Home Costs?

In many instances, nursing home costs cover a few specific facets required for a healthy and fulfilling life; however, transportation is rarely included. The most common services covered by the average nursing home costs include housing, food and beverages, 24-hour emergency care, medication monitoring, personal care, and in-house social activities. Before choosing a nursing home, it is important to establish what other needs your loved one may have and determine if that location is the right fit. 

Although nursing homes rarely offer transportation services for residents, aside from Ambulances when needed, their family members need to know what local services are available to assist them. As a locally owned and operated senior transportation provider, we utilize specially-built, wheelchair accessible vehicles fitted with the latest technology. We are here to help nursing home residents across Green Country with the best non-emergency medical transportation possible to meet their very specific and unique needs. 

From family gatherings to a scheduled appointment with a healthcare professional, knowing your loved one is in good hands throughout the journey should be your primary concern. That is what is ours as well! No matter what the destination may be, our non-emergency medical transportation to and from nursing homes ensures that your loved one arrives comfortably and on time. As a result, we have developed a reputation as one of the most trusted senior transportation providers and continue to look for ways to improve the services that we are providing. 


Why Choose Deano’s Senior Transit? 

Deano’s Senior Transit is committed to providing affordable, safe, and comfortable transportation for seniors. With free Wi-Fi and 12-inch screen displays, you are guaranteed an enjoyable ride no matter what the distance is. If you need senior transit services, give us a call at (918) 973-3321 or contact us today!

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