Tips For Caring For Aging Parents

Did you know that nearly 10 million adults over the age of 50 have the responsibility of taking care of their aging parents? And, as life expectancy continues to reach new levels, it is expected that this number will continue to rise. Even basic care for aging parents includes feeding, bathing, dressing, and providing other forms of basic care for them. While it is an extremely rewarding way to enrich your, and your loved ones life, and claim precious time that you may not have much longer, the emotional and financial toll it can take my become a burden without the proper insight.

Overseeing care for an aging parent often involves several different steps including finding a caretaker, keeping them active, and ensuring they have access to reputable non-emergency medical transportation, so they are not isolated or depressed. While these individual facets may be split up amongst the family to avoid making one person shoulder the burden, it can still be a challenge to make sure you are making the best decisions possible. Here are some tips that loved ones should consider when caring for aging parents.

Find a Suitable Caretaker

It is possible to hire a caretaker for a few hours a week or full-time, and having extra assistance can help ensure your aging parents are receiving personal care and hygiene help while also getting companionship. In some cases, long-term care insurance may cover any associated costs that come with hiring a caretaker. This is a great alternative for parents that are not ready to go to a nursing home or assisted living center where their needs may be met; however, nursing homes and assisted living centers are options if they need round-the-clock care and their children do not have the time to meet that need. 

Keep Your Parents Active

Finding activities that your aging parents may be interested in can help keep both their mind and body active while also allowing them to get out and socialize with other people their age. Studies have shown that elderly people that stay at home all day are more at risk of developing feelings of isolation and depression that could decrease their lifespan and overall health. If you have trouble finding things for your parent to do or they do not show interest in suggestions, ask questions to determine what other activities or hobbies might be the right fit instead. 

Create a Family Visitation Schedule

Whether aging parents have moved in with a loved one, into an assisted living center, or are still living at their own home, it is important to ensure that family members still come to visit them to limit disappointment or feelings of isolation. Creating a family visitation schedule that encourages consistency and regular visits can help ensure a constant stream of family members are showing up to visit your aging parents. Otherwise, haphazard visitations may lead to periods where no one shows up and leads to even more feelings of isolation. 

Review Health Insurance Information

Aging parents will often require extra medical attention including regular office visits for check-ups and diagnosis for a variety of degenerative diseases that may occur. If your parent is struggling to keep up with the demands required by health insurance or they are failing to schedule appointments, a family member will likely need to step in to help. Not only will this ensure they are getting the right medical care for their needs, but it will also ensure that their health insurance covers it whenever it is needed. 

Seek Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Even if your aging parent is still able to drive, there will likely come a point when they no longer have that luxury. When that occurs, it is no longer feasible to continue to pay auto insurance or maintain their vehicle unless you are chauffeuring them to doctor’s appointments and social gatherings. As an alternative, non-emergency medical transportation providers like Deano’s Senior Transit can help ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable no matter where they need to be. 


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