Doctor’s Appointments You Should Never Miss

To age gracefully and ensure the proper levels of healthcare are given, seniors often need to regularly see their doctor for checkups or to resolve minor health issues. Unfortunately, a lack of transportation options is often the leading cause for seniors to miss these doctor’s appointments – and prolonged issues could harm their overall health. Deano’s Senior Transit works to ensure this issue is resolved by offering affordable and reliable non-emergency medical transportation in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. 

As a transportation provider, Deano’s Senior Transit understands the variety of doctor’s appointments that seniors need to keep to maintain optimal health. And, for much of the aging population of Tulsa, we are the only source of transportation that they might have access to in order to ensure a comfortable ride to and from these appointments. Our team understands just how important these trips are to our clients that want to maintain optimal health in the advanced stages of life. Some of the doctor’s appointments that you should never miss include: 

Routine Checkups 

Although the idea of a routine checkup may not sound pressing, these doctor’s appointments can help identify and treat potential issues that may be occurring that could grow into a larger health problem or might negatively impact the health of a senior. In addition to monitoring weight, vital signs and much more, routine checkups also include a blood pressure test, cholesterol test and skin exam. Through a routine checkup, seniors can ensure all the interconnected organs and parts of their body continue to function at optimal levels to promote high levels of health – even in old age. 

Follow-Up Exams 

Many doctors will schedule follow-up exams for patients that have had operations or experienced a serious illness. While these doctor’s appointments are easy for seniors to neglect, they are crucial for ensuring that any additional issues that may have cropped up are dealt with quickly to avoid potentially negative consequences. No matter what the reason for your doctor to schedule a follow-up exam, it is important to take the steps necessary to find reliable transportation and ensure you do not miss it. 

Physical Therapy Sessions

Mobility issues are common among seniors and many doctors will recommend physical therapy sessions to restore physical movement. Unfortunately, the only way for physical therapy to reach its full potential in patients is if they are consistent with appointments and follow recommended guidelines. In many cases, physical therapy sessions could be weekly, bi-weekly or several days a week depending on the mobility issue experienced. Missing these doctor’s appointments can slow the healing process or prolong mobility issues that are occurring. 

Ready to Keep Your Appointments?

Finding reliable transportation to keep your doctor’s appointments and maintain optimal health should not be ac challenge as a senior. Deano’s Senior Transit has made it our mission to deliver the first-class service to our senior clients with on-time arrival and short wait times for returns. 


Vaccination Appointments

The flu causes nearly 36,000 deaths and around 200,000 hospitalizations annually. In most cases, seniors are among the most susceptible to risks associated with illnesses and should be receiving vaccinations whenever possible to mitigate potential effects or improve their immunity to viruses. While most locations can do same-day vaccinations for seniors, creating an appointment and sticking to it will ensure the best experience possible. 

Dental Exams

The average senior should be visiting the dentist for an appointment every 6 months to ensure cavities, plaque, and other problems are addressed before they spread or cause more damage. For seniors that are prone to cavities or have trouble maintaining oral hygiene on their own, these exams tend to be even more important. With a reliable senior transportation service, dental exams can be scheduled in advance, along with transportation, to ensure these doctor’s appointments are never missed. 

Eye Exams

Many seniors experience eye deterioration with age. Unfortunately, the only way to get a new pair of eyeglasses to address common problems is by having a prescription that was issued within the last year. Beyond the need for corrective eyewear, various potential eye diseases can impair vision or cause complete vision loss unless detected and treated early. This is one of the primary reasons that keeping your eye exam appointments is so important. 

Why Choose Deano’s Senior Transit?

Deano’s Senior Transit is committed to providing affordable, safe, and comfortable transportation for seniors. With free Wi-Fi and 12-inch screen displays, you are guaranteed an enjoyable ride no matter what the distance is. If you need senior transit services, give us a call at (918) 973-3321 or contact us today!

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