Determining the Type of Care Your Loved One Needs

Caregivers for seniors typically need to help their loved ones with many different activities ranging from general hygiene to ensuring their bills are paid. Since this can be incredibly overwhelming for some family members to tackle on their own, it is important to understand the various types of care available for your loved one and the level of assistance that each provides. Defining the unique needs of the current caregiver and the loved one can help determine which type of care will suit them best.

What Care Options are Available?

Many states, counties, and communities have their own community care programs that are designed to help the aging population continue to live a healthy and happy life. In addition to this, caregivers are now developing specialties to deal with many common illnesses or chronic health conditions, including Parkinson’s, stroke patients, Alzheimer’s, and much more. Although, each community differs in the eligibility requirements and services available. Some of the care types that may be available in your area include:

caregiver and senior resting in the garden
  • Informal Care – As a common type of care for elderly individuals, informal care relies on the help of friends, neighbors, religious communities, or others that share in the tasks needed to care for an individual. This network can also be a valuable support line if an emergency occurs, or if routine assistance is needed to supplement a primary caregiver.
  • Case Management Services – Professional case managers are available in nearly any city in the United States and often have healthcare, social work, or counseling experience that aid in creating a care plan for an elderly individual. Case management services can help with a broad range of needs including home care, transportation, medical assistance, meals, and daycare services.
  • Respite Care – As the name implies, respite care is provided to families, partners, or friends so they can have a break from the demands required to provide constant care. This can be a crucial type of care that delays premature institutionalization of an individual while ensuring they have companionship and support for their basic needs.
  • Home Care – This type of care combines both supportive services and health care for homebound, disabled, or sick individuals. Often the type of service provided and level of care will depend on the unique needs of the individual. Nonmedical home care is also available to provide companionship, housekeeping services, activity arrangements, and cooking.
  • Hospice Care – Individuals who are terminally ill and want to remain at home will likely benefit from hospice care. Hospice care tries to ensure the quality of life while controlling illness symptoms to restore dignity for individuals before death. In some cases, hospice care may even provide bereavement services for loved ones following the passing of a patient.
  • Transportation Services – The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires transit agencies to ensure curb-to-curb paratransit services are available; however, these may not be reasonable for all individuals. To help accommodate these needs, providers like Deano’s Senior Transit work to ensure comfortable, reliable transportation is available.

While only a small sample of the resources that may be available to caregivers, knowing your needs and researching these options may help guide the process further. Initially, it may seem like countless phone calls are required to assess the needs of a loved one. Although, this can help avoid a potential situation in which the current caregiver feels overwhelmed providing for their loved one.

Why Choose Deano’s Senior Transit?

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