What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

The thought of transportation via ambulance can often elicit a sense of fear. This makes sense since ambulance transport is used in times of significant medical need. However, did you know that medical transportation can also occur during non-emergency situations? It's true! Traveling using a medical vehicle can indeed be used to save lives and provide effective treatment on the road, but this doesn't have to just be during emergencies.

Over the past few decades, medical transportation has evolved tremendously, implementing life-support equipment and other patient care technology that allows patients to be well-cared for until they reach the hospital.

A caregiver who puts an elderly person in a car

Although most people are familiar with medical transport (also known as Emergency Medical Transport, or EMT), you may not be as familiar with NEMT (Non-Emergency Patient Transportation). Although less well-known, NEMT provides multiple services for patients that are both helpful and necessary.

Most of the time, NEMT services use companies to schedule trips and specific transport for what people need. Sometimes Medicaid pays for these services, but this doesn't help those without Medicaid. Some local and state programs, including departments specialized in aging or hospital programs, will also help fund transport provided by NEMT.

Why Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Beneficial?

As large portions of the population age, caretakers can face many difficulties, including how to transport loved ones. Not only can older adults benefit from specialty transport, but those with medical challenges or a variety of other special needs can also. Local community organizations, family, and friends can all be great resources for providing transportation and care for those needing specialty transport. When they are unavailable, NEMTs can help fill the need.

Software used by Non-Emergency Patient Transportation companies allows people who may have special or unique transportation needs to schedule help getting quickly and safely from place to place. By providing streamlined processes, people using the NEMT services have reported feeling more independent and better about their well-being and management of issues. Without NEMT, many people who are aging or struggling with chronic disorders would struggle to get to appointments and other locations that they need to maintain or improve their health.


Non-Emergency Patient Transportation can be used when transporting patients between home and the hospital. This journey may include a team of trained nurses by your side in case an emergency occurs during the trip. Some NEMT providers offer additional services such as scheduling doctor's appointments, transporting a patient to medical laboratories for tests or lab draws, or even arranging the pickup of medical supplies.

Regular Follow-Ups

If you suffer from severe illness or chronic diagnoses, seeing a doctor regularly may be part of your treatment plan. Non-Emergency Patient Transport can be used to take you to these follow-ups. The NEMT usually has medical aids on board to help lift and transport patients while also ensuring you are comfortable in a way that isn't usually possible in standard transportation.

Man on wheelchair using accessible vehicle with ramp for transportation

Post-Surgery Checkup

If you've ever had surgery, you know that one of the many requirements post-operation is checkups to ensure that you are healing. Many surgeries, such as the back, knee, and ankle, can make traveling challenging and hinder the patient's ability to get in and out of cars. Many individuals classified as post-surgery patients aren't allowed to drive due to weakened muscles.

Pain medication used post-surgery can inhibit people's ability to drive, therefore needing alternative transportation. Thankfully, NEMT vehicles are constructed in a way that caters to all medical needs. Some of these vehicles even come equipped with chairs, adjustable beds, ramps, and other support systems to make travel as easy as possible.

Services for Wheelchairs

Another great asset of Non-Emergency Medical Transport is its ability to provide services for people in wheelchairs. Sometimes the inability to commute easily prevents people in wheelchairs from attending events. Thankfully, NEMT vehicles provide a way for people to commute to their events via these "wheelchair cabs."

A man in a wheelchair on a lift of a vehicle for people with disabilities

Round the Clock Transportation

A considerable benefit of NEMTs is that they are available 24/7. Regardless of the time, night or day, these medical transport services are available for hire. Regardless of whether the call is for an emergency or a non-emergency service, medical transport vehicles are available.

Out of State Transportation

If you need to travel to another state for medical care, NEMTs have you covered! Whether the out-of-state venture is due to weather or better medical treatments, Non-Emergency Medical Transport vehicles can make travel much more manageable. Although, you may have to search to find one that accommodates your needed mileage!

Do You Need Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

For these reasons and many more, the Non-Emergency Medical Transport system is just as crucial as the Emergency Medical transport system. Although they provide different services, they prioritize getting patients transported safely to their desired destination. These services will most likely become more critical to the healthcare system as the population ages.

Deano's has limitless services if you are looking for help taking care of your elderly relatives. Not only are our vehicles clean and well maintained, but they also feature free wi-fi, dispatch tracking, wheelchair capabilities, and recordings of all rides. Our experienced drivers are happy to help transport clients everywhere, from doctors' appointments to the movies.

Why Choose Deano's for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Deano's was created out of the need for caretaking. At first, the company did pickups and transport for a handful of people, but then the need was significant enough to create a more extensive operation so that the seniors of central Oklahoma could make it to their appointments. We want to ensure that each client feels cared for and appreciated. Give us a call for punctual service that will help ease your mind!

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