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In life, we face many challenges. As our health changes, so does our lifestyle - where we live, what we eat, and how we get around. I faced all these things when caring for my mother. In 2006, I was unable to care for her because of dementia. She needed 24-hour care with a team of people. Her time at the nursing care center was good. The food was OK, and the room was great! Being unable to walk slowed her down. She always liked the outdoors, so in her wheelchair, we would stroll the gardens and make her way down the hallways. When it came time to see the doctor, it was a challenge. We needed a good transportation service to move her. In 2006, there were a few options. I looked online, in the phone book, and asked for references.

MV-1 wheelchair ramp being inspected
Deano's MV-1 getting inspected
Wheelchair ramp on van
Deano's MV-1 with wheelchair ramp extended

Finally, a company was found. The company was usually on time for the pick-ups, but the return trips weren't as good. There were long wait times, and the older vans were noisy, full of rattles, and not well maintained. The AC units did not cool well. After that experience, Deano’s Senior Transit was born. We utilize specially-built wheelchair accessible vehicles called MV1s, fitted with the latest technology. At Deano’s, we use state-of-the-art dispatch software. Our vehicles also feature free on-board wi-fi and 12-inch video displays to provide entertainment during our drives. Our goal is to be the best senior transit company in northeastern Oklahoma.