Tulsa Senior Transportation News

person in wheelchair being pushed by another person

Deano’s Senior Transport Provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

April 15, 2019

Although Deano’s Senior Transit is well known for the mobility assistance they provide the aging population, they also provide non-emergency medical transportation. Whether you have an upcoming medical appointment or need help returning home from a hospital stay, Deano’s Senior Transit is the clear choice for Oklahomans in need. In this article, we will explore…

man in wheelchair being pushed up ramp on bus

Deano’s Senior Transit Redefines Senior Transportation

March 15, 2019

While traditional options for wheelchair transportation can be unaccommodating or uncomfortable, Deano’s Senior Transit is working to redefine senior transportation in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. As a leading provider of modern senior transportation, we don’t think you should have to settle for modified vehicles or crowded public transportation. In this article, we will explain…

man in wheelchair being pushed by another man

How Can I Prepare for Deano’s Senior Transit?

February 15, 2019

As a door-to-door service, Deano’s Senior Transit strives to not only meet the expectations of our customers but also exceed them. While preparing for your first experience with senior transportation services may seem daunting, we work hard to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable ride each time our services are requested. In this article,…

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Deano’s Offers Private Senior Transportation Services

November 15, 2018

While many public transportation services claim to be accommodating for seniors or individuals with disabilities, they typically don’t provide a comfortable ride or pleasant experience; especially if it requires an extended traveling distance. Maintaining mobility as a senior is important and can often become challenging with age. Deano’s Senior Transit was formed to help fulfill…

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Transportation for People with Disabilities Begins with Comfort

July 20, 2018

Finding adequate transportation for your disabled loved ones can often be a challenge. However, the access to comfortable and safe transportation is vital for maintaining access to employment, healthcare, education and entertainment. To help meet the need for superior transportation for people with disabilities in Tulsa, Deano’s Senior Transit strives to provide the best disabled…

smiling man in wheelchair with female smiling nurse both giving thumbs up

3 Reasons Deano’s Is Tulsa’s Best Senior Transit Service

May 4, 2018

It can be hard to find the right transportation service for your elderly or disabled loved ones that provides not only the appropriate amount of comfort, but also the safety you expect. Deano’s Senior Transit is committed to providing the best senior transit services possible to residents of Tulsa and the surrounding area. If you…