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How Can I Prepare for Deano’s Senior Transit?

As a door-to-door service, Deano’s Senior Transit strives to not only meet the expectations of our customers but also exceed them. While preparing for your first experience with senior transportation services may seem daunting, we work hard to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable ride each time our services are requested. In this article, we will explain the steps you need to know to prepare for Deano’s Senior Transit...

Deano’s Offers Private Senior Transportation Services

While many public transportation services claim to be accommodating for seniors or individuals with disabilities, they typically don't provide a comfortable ride or pleasant experience; especially if it requires an extended traveling distance. Maintaining mobility as a senior is important and can often become challenging with age. Deano's Senior Transit was formed to help fulfill the need for private senior transportation services in the Tulsa area. (more…)

Transportation for People with Disabilities Begins with Comfort

Finding adequate transportation for your disabled loved ones can often be a challenge. However, the access to comfortable and safe transportation is vital for maintaining access to employment, healthcare, education and entertainment. To help meet the need for superior transportation for people with disabilities in Tulsa, Deano's Senior Transit strives to provide the best disabled transportation services possible. (more…)

3 Reasons Deano’s Is Tulsa’s Best Senior Transit Service

It can be hard to find the right transportation service for your elderly or disabled loved ones that provides not only the appropriate amount of comfort, but also the safety you expect. Deano's Senior Transit is committed to providing the best senior transit services possible to residents of Tulsa and the surrounding area. If you are in need of transportation services for your elderly or disabled loved ones, here are...

Comfortable Disabled Transportation Begins with the MV-1

While many transportation services claimed to be accessible for disabled passengers, they typically aren't very comfortable. To help meet this growing need, Deano's Senior Transit utilizes the MV-1 exclusively to provide comfortable disabled transportation. Built from the ground up with wheelchair accessibility in mind, here are some of the features that make the MV-1 the most accommodating vehicle on the market. (more…)

Accessible Transport Delivers New Opportunities

For elderly individuals that have lost their mobility, it can be hard to continue doing the things that they love. While many public transportation options are available, they aren't always accommodating for those that need wheelchair accessibility, and the ones that are may lead to other problems. For persons with disabilities, accessible transport delivers new opportunities that may not have been available previously. (more…)

Deano’s Senior Transit Makes Elderly Transportation Easy

As cities continue to grow, access to essential services and the distances they are from your current location may also grow. For aging individuals that may no longer have the ability to drive or may be experiencing disabilities, the need for elderly transportation is critical. At Deano's Senior Transit we take every step necessary to provide the best transportation experience possible with courteous drivers and superior vehicles. Mandatory Driver Training...

Disabled Transportation Provides a Needed Service

When dealing with a disability, many individuals will find that getting to their appointments and maintaining their previous schedules aren't as easy as they once were. While some public transportation options have installed accommodations to meet the needs of the growing disabled population, routes may not work for specific locations and travel can be uncomfortable, to say the least. To fill the growing need for disabled transportation, Deano's Senior Transit...

The Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Transit

Wheelchair accessible transit options are essential for helping individuals with limited mobility continue to live a productive and unhindered life. While there are many different options available for a person with disabilities to maintain their ability to travel, we believe Deano's Senior Transit is the best option in the Tulsa area. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing us as your wheelchair accessible transit option. (more…)

Senior Transportation Improves Quality of Life

Dealing with a disability in old age can be incredibly difficult from both an individual standpoint and that of loved ones. Tasks that were once effortless often become a struggle due to disability or cognitive decline, making it harder to do basic things like attend a scheduled doctors appointment or get groceries. Senior transportation, like Deano's Senior Transit, help fill this important need and improve the quality of life for...