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    Senior Transport Service

  • ride with us deano

    Senior Transport Service

Deano’s Senior Transit Redefines Senior Transportation

While traditional options for wheelchair transportation can be unaccommodating or uncomfortable, Deano’s Senior Transit is working to redefine senior transportation in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. As a leading provider of modern senior transportation, we don’t think you should have to settle for modified vehicles or crowded public transportation. In this article, we will explain what makes Deano’s Senior Transit different and provide some of the ways we are redefining...

Deano’s Offers Private Senior Transportation Services

While many public transportation services claim to be accommodating for seniors or individuals with disabilities, they typically don't provide a comfortable ride or pleasant experience; especially if it requires an extended traveling distance. Maintaining mobility as a senior is important and can often become challenging with age. Deano's Senior Transit was formed to help fulfill the need for private senior transportation services in the Tulsa area. (more…)

Senior Independence Begins with Transportation Access

As your loved ones begin to age, it can seem challenging to allow them to have their independence without worrying about how they are doing. In many cases, the uncertainty of knowing whether are able to make it to the grocery store or important doctor's appointments leads many to provide much-needed transportation. Transportation plays an important role in maintaining senior independence and ensuring your loved ones have the support they...

Wheelchair Friendly Transportation Opens New Doors

If you have a loved one that uses a wheelchair for increased mobility either due to decreased mobility with age or a pre-existing disability, you likely know the struggle of getting them from point a to point b. While many public transportation options have begun to provide wheelchair accessible transportation options, they aren't always comfortable or convenient. For this reason, Deano's Senior Transit is committed to providing the most comfortable...

Senior Transportation Improves Quality of Life

Dealing with a disability in old age can be incredibly difficult from both an individual standpoint and that of loved ones. Tasks that were once effortless often become a struggle due to disability or cognitive decline, making it harder to do basic things like attend a scheduled doctors appointment or get groceries. Senior transportation, like Deano's Senior Transit, help fill this important need and improve the quality of life for...

The Benefits of Transportation Services for Seniors

Seniors will often have to give up the ability to drive due to a mobility-related disability, eyesight problems or cognitive decline. When this happens they may also have to give up some of the favorite activities, visiting family or struggling to make it to doctor's appointments. (more…)

Finding the Right Senior Transport Service

Having the ability to get where you need to go is a freedom that many of us take for granted. However, for a growing elderly population, this reality presents many daily challenges as they want to go to the grocery store, make it to a doctor's appointment or visit with their family. (more…)