Tulsa Senior Transportation News

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The Benefits of Transportation Services for Seniors

December 29, 2017

Seniors will often have to give up the ability to drive due to a mobility-related disability, eyesight problems or cognitive decline. When this happens they may also have to give up some of the favorite activities, visiting family or struggling to make it to doctor’s appointments.

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Finding the Right Senior Transport Service

December 22, 2017

Having the ability to get where you need to go is a freedom that many of us take for granted. However, for a growing elderly population, this reality presents many daily challenges as they want to go to the grocery store, make it to a doctor’s appointment or visit with their family.

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Handicapped Transportation Challenges

December 10, 2017

Transportation is an essential reality required to accomplish everyone’s day to day activities. Every day, people in Tulsa have to move from point A to point B in order to fulfill daily errands.

People with disabilities have to accomplish these same errands but experience much more difficulty do to transportation barriers.

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What Is The MV-1?

November 9, 2017

Historically, wheelchair-accessible vehicles required the customization of a minivan by cutting it into pieces then reassembling it to be more accommodating. However, the resulting aftermarket vehicle would often lead to safety and durability concerns. Mobility Ventures knew there had to be a better way and began constructing the world’s first wheelchair-accessible vehicle, the MV-1, from the ground up.

MV-1 wheelchair ramp being inspected

Senior Vehicle Safety Inspection

October 4, 2017

Roger Ruhmann, the “Deano” of Deano’s Senior Transit, went out to Colorado to personally inspect our first MV-1 vehicle to make sure everything was in excellent condition.

The MV-1 passed the test, and now it’s in Tulsa, ready to take to the streets to help seniors get where they need to go.

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A Ride for Mom

October 4, 2017

My mother was a real outdoors person. She had been born and raised a farm girl and always loved it, so after my dad retired, they bought 120 acres and moved out there.

Mom would take out a golf cart to go riding around their land, exploring the entire area. When her family was down, we’d play hide and go seek with golf carts. Mom would call out and the grandkids would ride through the woods trying to find her.